Allambie Heights offers renters more than beachside suburbs

Many property investors are drawn to the Northern Beaches, but suburbs such as Allambie Heights, Frenchs Forest, Beacon Hill and Belrose can make a great investment due to everything these areas offer for renters. Now more than ever, people are looking for the lifestyle Allambie Heights can offer.

Here are some of the reasons why Allambie Heights and surrounding suburbs can provide investors with some of the best private rentals the Northern Beaches can offer.

People are flocking to the great outdoors

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many people’s perspectives in a number of ways. Many investors were worried about what the pandemic would do to property prices; however, in the beachside suburbs, prices are already inching up once more.

There are good reasons for this. Many more people are now working from home completely, or they only have to visit their city offices once or twice a week. This means they are more attracted to a suburban, beachside lifestyle, as they are less reliant on transport links. They want to spend their time in an area that offers great opportunities for outdoor activities.

The Northern Beaches peninsula scores highly due to the proximity of the beach and open green spaces. There are plenty of great dog walks and cycling routes in the area, giving residents the chance to enjoy the great outdoors to the full.

Property values in Allambie Heights and surrounding areas

Allambie Heights and neighbouring suburbs are full of houses for rent. These offer great median rental prices:

  • Three-bedroom house: From around $865 p.w. in Allambie Heights to around $1,000 for Belrose
  • Four-bedroom house: From around $995 in Frenchs Forest to around $1,180 per week for Allambie Heights

These family homes are located just a five-minute drive from several beaches, yet renters can have a sizeable home with a view for the same price as they would pay for a two-bedroom apartment at the beach.

If you’re thinking of selling, house sales in Allambie Heights are also extremely profitable, coming in at a median value of $1.7 million.

When it comes to apartments, there aren’t many in this area, with most being located within the beach suburbs. However, Allambie Heights is one of the best areas when it comes to granny flats for rent in the Northern Beaches, enabling homeowners here to derive a healthy second income of around $600 per week.

If you have a granny flat you’re interested in renting out, JDH can offer advice and support.

People can try before they buy

We’re encountering a lot of people who are interested in moving to the Northern Beaches now that their working lifestyles have changed. We always point out the advantages of renting before buying – it’s a great way of getting to know the area before deciding to move here permanently. Short-term rentals in the Northern Beaches also give potential buyers the chance to wait and see what will happen to the property market post-COVID.

In addition, many people are attracted to a slightly quieter lifestyle in the suburbs a little further back from the beach. We are always quick to point out the advantages of this to potential renters.

How we help property owners

If you’re a property owner in Allambie Heights, Frenchs Forest, Beacon Hill or Belrose and you’re wanting to make sure you have great tenants for your property, we are always here to help. We have an in-depth understanding of the area, so we are in an ideal position to market local properties to potential tenants. We can show them just how much more they can get for their money, and the bonuses of the lifestyle here, for the sake of being a five-minute drive away from the beaches.


As lifestyles change, we can help this work to the full advantage of property owners in Allambie Heights. Our deep understanding of Northern Beaches rentals can help you get the most out of property ownership here, whether you’re thinking of investing in an Allambie Heights property or you’re ready to sell.

If you would like more information and advice, please contact us. We’re always happy to help.

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