9 Northern Beaches sports for a wintry weekend

Winter days on the lower northern beaches of Sydney have certainly been crisp lately but when the sun’s out it means you can enjoy a variety of activities without worrying about overheating.

From adventurous bushwalks to exhilarating beach sports, here are seven winter sport activities to enjoy, that you can easily access from Allambie.

1. Bushwalk at Manly Dam or Bantry Bay

Embrace the fresh winter air with a bush walk around Manly Dam or one of the neighbouring trails at Bantry Bay. These scenic routes offer various walking trails surrounded by native bushland, providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Two things to watch out for are ticks and bike riders, although the ticks are in their ‘off season’ during winter.

Another spot a bit further up is Garigal National Park, which you can access from Forestville, Davidson or Belrose. This has cycling and walking trails as well.

2. Swim or surf at the beach

While the water may be cooler in winter, avid swimmers and surfers can still enjoy the waves at the lower northern beaches. Manly and nearby Freshwater are popular spots known for their consistent surf breaks, and the water is peppered with black-clad figures bobbing up and down on a sunny winter morning or afternoon. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, take a refreshing swim in the ocean and soak up the stunning coastal views.

3. Head to an indoor pool

For those who prefer warmer waters, indoor pools like the Manly Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Aquatic Centre offer a welcoming environment year-round. Whether you’re swimming laps for fitness or enjoying a leisurely dip, indoor pools provide a comfortable option to stay active during the cooler winter months.

Your other option for a few indoor pool laps is the Warringah Aquatic Centre.

4. Indoor Classes: Dance or Martial Arts

Escape the chill by joining indoor classes such as dance or martial arts this winter. Local studios in the lower northern beaches offer a range of classes suitable for all ages and skill levels. From ballet and salsa to karate and taekwondo, indoor classes provide a fun and engaging way to stay fit while learning new skills.

Some local places to try for martial arts and adult dance classes:

Taekidokai at Beacon Hill Scout Hall
GKR Karate in Frenchs Forest
Tempo Red Academy Of Performing Arts in Brookvale

5. Enjoy some footy

Winter is footy season! Grab a group of friends or join a local team for a game of football. The lower northern beaches has several well-maintained sports fields, including Allambie Heights Oval on Allambie Road, where you can kick around a ball and enjoy friendly competition. Football is a great way to stay active and socialise during winter and a great way for kids to burn off energy and make friends. And it can mean whatever you want it to… soccer, AFL, NRL or Rugby Union. Some local clubs we love to follow and support include:

Wakehurst Tigers for soccer – we’re also proud sponsors of this fantastic club.
Allambie Jets – a junior rugby union club based right here in Allambie Heights.
Belrose Eagles for Rugby League.
Forest Lions AFL team.

Northern Beaches Council has a handy sports field status guide to check wet weather status and find out if sports fields are open or closed after rain.

6. Mountain bike ride around Manly Dam

For cycling enthusiasts, winter is an ideal time to explore the trails around Manly Dam on a mountain bike. The tracks offer a mix of challenging terrain and serene landscapes, providing an exhilarating ride for cyclists (warning, it can be a little hair-raising for beginners, but you can just walk the trickiest sections). Check trail conditions before heading out, especially after rain. It’s best not to ride when the dam is muddy because you risk damaging the trail and your bike.

7. Road cycle to Church Point and back

For a longer cycling adventure, consider a road cycle to Church Point and back. This picturesque route takes you along the coast, mostly on Pittwater Road. Church Point is a charming destination to rest and enjoy views of Pittwater with coffee in hand before cycling back to the lower northern beaches. The Waterfront Cafe can serve you up a bacon and egg roll if you need some extra fuel.

Most cyclists take this trip early in the day to avoid traffic. It can get busy after 9am so plan your trip.

8. Beach Volleyball or Beach Tennis

Explore new beach sports like beach volleyball or beach tennis at Manly Beach. Beach volleyball nets are available for public use, providing a dynamic and enjoyable way to stay active on the sand. Alternatively, try the rising sport of beach tennis, which combines elements of tennis and beach volleyball, and is gaining popularity along Sydney’s beaches.

9. Pickleball

Pickleball is a fast-growing paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis, played on a smaller court. Several local clubs and community centers on the Northern Beaches offer pickleball courts and leagues, providing opportunities for players of all skill levels to participate. There is a local association you can check out if you need more information, and a venue in Frenchs Forest.

There is an outdoor winter activity for everyone, even kids. While trying new things is great, we love nothing more than a stroll along the Manly waterfront, coffee in hand, to take in the idyllic scenes of the Northern Beaches lifestyle.

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