How dog friendly is the Northern Beaches?

A place becomes a home when we share it with family – and this includes our furry family members. Our dogs have become more important to us than ever during these times of COVID-19, and we want to show them all the care and appreciation we can. So, how dog friendly are our Northern Beaches neighbourhoods?

Why our dogs mean so much to us

Dogs have kept us going during the pandemic. Sometimes they’ve made us laugh, like Elsie the golden retriever from the Gold Coast. She found worldwide fame, thanks to a hilarious video of her lying down and refusing to walk anymore. Maybe we have been over-walking our dogs during lockdown!

Dogs have helped us see the funny side of the COVID lockdown. They also helped us through more serious times. From giving us a reason to get out of the house through to providing cuddles and comfort, our dogs have been there for us throughout. Some dogs have even been trained to deliver groceries to vulnerable people, brightening their days.

Dog ownership has increased during COVID-19

With so many amazing qualities dogs have, it’s no wonder dog ownership has spiked during the pandemic. Many more people have wanted the comfort and affection that a dog brings, along with the opportunity for more exercise. As a result, dogs were being adopted from shelters in record numbers, with some having no dogs left at all, and far fewer strays were being found on the streets.

This trend has now reversed slightly as people are returning to work. But the vast majority of new dog owners have completely fallen in love with their furry friends. Our dogs are here to stay!

This means more of us have new doggy friends, so more facilities are needed to keep them, and us, happy. Have dogs benefited at all from this situation? How dog-friendly are the beaches on Sydney’s Northern Beaches?

Are the Northern Beaches among the dog-friendly beaches in Sydney?

According to the Northern Beaches council, there are an amazing 43,000 dogs registered in the area. All of these fur babies need plenty of dog-friendly spaces to walk and play! Luckily, the council provides a total of 28 dog-friendly Northern Beaches areas, where dogs are allowed off-leash.

Here at JDH Real Estate, where we love our dogs, our nearest dog-friendly area is at Allambie Heights Oval. But there are now plenty of dog-friendly walks in the Northern Beaches. To find your nearest off-leash area, you can use the Northern Beaches council’s interactive map. Select “Unleashed Dog Areas” and choose your nearest location.

If your dog likes playing in the sand, there are plenty of beaches and lagoons where your dog can enjoy the beach culture! These include:

  • Station Beach (at the north end of the estuary side at Palm Beach)
  • Bayview Dog Park (Rowland Reserve, Mona Vale)
  • Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve (at the north end of Curl Curl Beach)
  • Manly Lagoon dog park (at the north end of Manly Beach)
  • North Shelley Beach (near Toowoon Bay)

Do keep an eye on your furry friend at the Manly dog beach, though, as some dogs have found their way into private properties here! Fairlight beach is dog friendly, too, but your dog must be kept on a leash here.

Our dogs bring us together as a community

So, how dog friendly is the Northern Beaches? We say it’s very dog friendly. This is partly due to the council for providing so many recreational areas where our dogs can play. But it’s also thanks to the friendly attitudes of Northern Beaches residents. As a community, we love our dogs, and we want them to enjoy living their very best lives – and helping us to live ours – during COVID and beyond.

If you would like any more information about the Northern Beaches, please contact us – we’ll be happy to help.


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