Vets and our pets on the Northern Beaches

We always hear people say that having pets is a lifetime commitment – and it’s true. Adopting a rescue cat or dog, for example, should always be a well-thought-out decision. Welcoming a pet into your home requires you to welcome it as part of the family because a new pet is, in essence, a new family member. You need to be ready to give your pet the care and attention it deserves to be healthy and happy.

There are also numerous benefits associated with having a pet, not the least of which are related to emotional well-being and cardiovascular health.

If you’ve just adopted or are in the process of adopting a pet, it’s useful to know there are reliable vets in the Northern Beaches. To ensure your pup or kitty is updated on their vaccinations and deworming schedule, among other things, make sure you look up the following pet care facilities.

Allambie Vet Clinic

Having built a successful practice that’s been around for the last 35 years, Allambie Vet is one of the most trusted and popular vets in the Northern Beaches.

If you’re new to being a pet parent and are on the lookout for a great vet clinic, Allambie Vet offers tours of their hospital to give pet owners a chance to meet their staff and view their facilities.

Northern Districts Vets

The Northern Districts Veterinary Hospital actively promotes responsible pet ownership. Aside from providing dog and cat care, they specialise in guinea pigs and rabbits – although all pets are welcome. They are also known for their modern facilities and emergency pet care services.

Pittwater Animal Hospital

The Pittwater Animal Hospital is a well-loved animal hospital in the Northern Beaches that has been around for about five decades.

Aside from being an all-around healthcare facility for all types of pets and wildlife, they also have a puppy school should you wish to enrol your dog for behaviour training. But what makes Pittwater special is that it is also a hospital for rescue animals.

Financial benefits of adopting a rescue animal

Adopting rescues, which are usually stray or surrendered pets, is not only an act of compassion but also provides the following financial benefits:

  • Save money through adoption. Both breeders and pet stores charge a lot for purebred animals without any add-ons like vaccination and spay/neuter surgery. Some shelters and rescue organisations ask for an adoption fee, which typically covers core vaccinations, micro-chipping and registration, flea treatment, etc.
  • Long-term savings. Beyond saving money from upfront fees, adopting from a shelter can also mean lifetime savings on pet care. Breeders and pet stores specialise in purebred animals that are usually prone to genetic problems like breathing difficulties, hip dysplasia and more. These can cost you a lot in terms of vet or hospitalisation bills. Mixed breeds, which comprise a majority of shelter animals, tend to be healthier and would likely be crate- and toilet-trained before being adopted out.

Keep your pets healthy and happy

Caring for a pet is no mean feat. You need to make sure your pet gets the exercise and nutrition it needs to be healthy. You also need to train it to be well-behaved and make time for play.

Aside from these, there are other important matters pet parents need to be mindful of:

  • Emergency plan in case of storms, bushfires, floods and heatwaves
  • Protecting one’s pet from heat stress, which is very common during summer
  • Natural pet health, including natural remedies for pets with ticks or fleas and other parasites

Having a pet is a wonderful thing, but it also comes with responsibilities.

Show your pet you care and it will reciprocate many times over.

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