This year’s bedroom trends for kids

It’s summer holiday time in the Northern Beaches and you know what that means? It’s the perfect time to tackle any renovation or redecoration projects that will get the year off to an optimistic start. One area that can always use a lift is kids’ bedrooms, so today we’re sharing the best decor trends to get you inspired.

What are the hottest kids’ decor trends right now?

  • Wallpaper, which is nothing new. There are so many options to choose from, whether you choose an immersive jungle print or something classic, such as stripes. You can wallpaper the entire room or a feature wall.
  • Eye-catching pendant lights. Yes, chandeliers are no longer just for grand entryways. There are so many unique and eye-catching chandeliers and light fixtures available these days to literally brighten and transform any bedroom.
  • Bold headboards. From wooden accents to vintage fabric and dramatic shapes, headboards are very on-trend.
  • Bringing the outdoors in. This relates to wooden furnishings, natural accents like jute rugs and… plants. I mean, plants are taking over every other room in homes currently, so it makes sense that they’d sneak into kids’ bedrooms as well. But a statement plant gives your child an opportunity to care for it while bringing nature into the room, too.
  • Built-in storage. This is particularly important for families living in Sydney apartments with limited space. But many parents are also tending to slowly switch their focus to sustainability, minimalism and furniture with dual purposes. You can either build storage, like a bookshelf, into the walls or buy a bed frame with storage. So many furniture stores have options, including IKEA, Fantastic Furniture and Temple & Webster.
  • Lofts and bunk beds. Bunk beds seem to go in and out of style, but they’re currently so in! Meanwhile, a loft bed brings additional storage space underneath that you can transform into a study space or play area.
  • Pastel pink. The biggest colour trend in kids’ bedrooms right now is pastel pink. You can easily incorporate blush tones into a feature wall, the decor, the furniture or the bedding.

Fun projects for kids

Now’s the time to get the kids involved so that their bedroom is a place they can’t wait to return to after school every day. Here’s a long list of DIY ideas for kids’ bedrooms, but some of our favourite projects kids can do with you in the bedroom include:

  • Painting a chalkboard wall (here’s a Bunnings DIY guide using their chalkboard paint). Let them add some glow-in-the-dark stars to create a cosy space theme.
  • Helping you sew a quilt using old clothes.
  • Displaying their art with a DIY gallery wall or picking up some affordable frames from Kmart for their favourite drawings.
  • Adding a strip of LED lights to the skirting boards or around the ceiling.
  • Making star-shaped pillows (no sewing required).

Where to go shopping

Now, it’s no secret that you can find affordable bedroom decor and furniture in places like Kmart and Fantastic Furniture, which are both located in the Northern Beaches. Another option that’s a little further away is IKEA.

But other local higher-end options that offer both online and in-store shopping include Beachwood Designs and Alfresco Emporium. Meanwhile, BabyO is an owner-operated business operating out of the Northern Beaches for over 20 years. While babies are their main focus, they also have a large range of kids’ bedroom furniture. Finally, for a unique touch, visit the 10 rooms of restored furniture, collectibles and vintage wares at the Antique General Store in North Narrabeen.

Happy shopping and decorating!

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