Northern Beaches landlords, do you need a holiday?

Lockdown fatigue is a real thing. After months of being pent up inside with limited options for travel and entertainment, landlords and tenants alike are feeling the need for a little holiday.

Some landlords endured the extra stress of losing tenants when renters moved out of the city to cheaper accommodation. Others worked extra hard to ensure all tenant needs were met during lockdowns and other restrictions. If you are a landlord who has struggled throughout the year, it is time for a much-needed break.

Getting creative with destinations

Creativity is key for those wishing to travel while NSW travel restrictions are in place. Restrictions limiting where NSW residents can go currently are effective through 23 November. Restrictions could be extended further, so planning a getaway within NSW borders is a good option.

Flocking to the coastal regions in NSW is a popular notion right now, with many destinations already booked out for the upcoming winter holiday season. However, there are many cool country towns and unusual places inland to visit in NSW that are ideal for a brief or extended holiday.

Here are some great alternatives to popular coastal destinations for resting, relaxing, and recharging.

1. Snowy Mountains

While the Snowy Mountains are noted for…well…snow, they’re fast becoming a popular summer destination. Walking, hiking, skiing, and just hanging out by a warm campfire are great ways to enjoy the Snowy Mountains during summer.

2. Historic Hideaways

The Hunter Valley, famed for wines, beers and The Hunter Valley Distillery, hides historic treasures like Wollombi, just past Cessnock.

Wollombi is steeped in rich history and is a great destination for those looking who need a break from eating and drinking and want to explore a little further afield.

3. Road tripping to inland NSW

Why limit yourself to just one location? Start off in the Blue Mountains for some caving and bushwalking, then head to Dubbo via Wellington (more caving) for the zoo. Lake Burrendong near Wellington is ideal for water sports enthusiasts, and the Botanic Garden and Arboretum in Dubbo is a beautiful and peaceful way to spend a morning or afternoon. If stargazing is your cup of tea, check out the Dubbo Observatory. (The skies are amazing and, trust us, it gets more amazing the further west you go and the further from town lights.)

It is not too late to get a great NSW holiday package for some of these destinations. With hospitality and other attractions hoping to make up for lost revenue during earlier restrictions, there are some incredible offers available. Working with a travel agent is a great way to take advantage of some of the best deals.

Tips for a successful getaway

Whilst we highly recommend planning ahead, you can’t guarantee that everything will go as intended when the big date arrives. As for many things this year, it is a good idea to check with venues in NSW before heading out on holiday to ensure they still are open for business.

Do not book a holiday based solely on the latest deals. Choose a destination and activities that will be refreshing and exciting to maximise the enjoyment factor during your time away.

Our top offer to new landlords: a holiday, on us

We’re offering new landlords who choose us as their new property manager a mini-break that includes five days and four nights’ accommodation. You have up to two years to use your voucher. Not only will you get a holiday, but also, we save you the headache of managing your Northern Beaches rental property so you can relax and enjoy your time away.

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