Is winter a good time to sell your Northern Beaches home?

When it comes to home selling in Northern Beaches, one of the first questions property owners ask is whether there’s such a thing as the perfect selling season that would bring them the most profit.

And though it’s true that homes located by the beach tend to generate a lot of interest in the summer, historically, the highest clearance rates happen in March.

But if you ask us, selling in winter, spring, summer or autumn shouldn’t make a difference. Whatever the season, you’re bound to find some advantages as long as you’re ready to sell and the right buyer comes along.

Spring is the busiest selling season, but not the best time

Traditionally, spring is viewed as the best time of year to sell property – the grass is at its greenest, flowers are blooming and home interiors benefit from plentiful natural light. It’s also easier to attract prospective buyers with a well-manicured garden adding to your property’s kerb appeal.

However, spring is also the season when sellers usually outnumber buyers, so it’s essentially a buyer’s market – which is not-so-great news if you’re selling your Northern Beaches home.

Autumn is a great time to sell

We’re not making this claim lightly, as studies have shown that March is usually the busiest month for unit and house sales across Australia, followed by May.

In fact, this autumn has seen the second-highest auction clearance rates ever and prices are rising for properties globally, especially in the suburbs.

Interestingly, though, even after autumn, sales volumes remain relatively consistent throughout the year, dipping only during the holiday season from December to January.

Selling your home in winter

With the aforementioned thought in mind, selling your home in winter need not be a scary process. In fact, it might just be the opportunity you need, especially when there are fewer sellers during winter.

Selling your property during winter puts you in touch almost exclusively with serious buyers. Not a lot of people are willing to venture out in the cold to start looking at prospective homes if they’re not ready to purchase.

Winter also allows you to highlight features that make your property stand out even in cooler weather, especially with the help of professional property staging.

There is no bad season for selling property

With the above observations in mind, it’s easier to conclude that there really is no bad season to start selling your Northern Beaches property.

Even in winter when you might find a 1% difference compared with other seasons, there is no particularly bad season to sell – especially if you have the support of our team, who achieve great outcomes whatever the season.

The only season in which you’d be ill-advised to sell is when there are too many properties for sale and too few buyers chasing those properties.

So, instead of basing your decision to sell on the season, you should focus on market trends and fundamentals and, of course, showcasing your property in the best possible way.

After all, a home worth its price would be hard to miss.

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