How top photography sells your Northern Beaches home faster

When selling your home on the Northern Beaches, you only have three seconds to make a good first impression. These days, many potential buyers shop online before they will actually head out to view a property in person.

They’ll scan through the online ads and then short-list those properties that capture their interest. That’s why professional photographs are so important. A professional real estate photographer can capture all the important features of your home and showcase them in the best light possible.

Styling your home for sale for photographers

There are many things that you can do to get your home ready for a professional photography session. Here are some top tips to styling your home.

1. Declutter. We can’t emphasise enough how important this is. Have a look at some professional real estate listings and what do you see? It’s guaranteed that you’ll see an absence of clutter in each of the rooms that are showcased.

To help you decide what to remove, take some photos of your rooms and then take a good hard look at them. Do your rooms appear cluttered? A professional stylist will encourage you to remove a lot of things that are on display and either pack them away or put them into a cupboard. You might even want to move some furniture out into the garage or put it into storage to make your home look larger and airier.

2. Depersonalise. This involves removing a lot of personal items and packing them away. Things like travel mementos, photographs and all the things you keep on the kitchen bench or the dining room table can be packed away, out of sight. Another trick is to remove the shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other personal items from inside the shower and around the basin both in your bathroom and ensuite. This gives the impression of space and cleanliness.

3. Add some professional styling. Styling your home for sale will really help it stand out from other properties in your area. That’s why staging has become so popular in recent years. By just adding some simple styling accents to your home, you immediately improve how it looks in the photographs.

For example, you can add a throw rug and a couple of matching cushions on your couch. Make sure that you stick to the three-colour rule to avoid creating a cluttered look. Then, add a couple of fake or real pot plants on the coffee table or the dining table.

In the kitchen, put all your appliances out of sight in a cupboard so that your benches look neat and tidy. Instead, put a bowl of fruit or even just lemons on your island bench. You can even use fake fruit because the camera can’t tell the difference.

When you’ve added some styling accents, stand back and make sure that it all looks balanced. Or, if you’re not confident in doing this yourself, consider engaging a professional stylist to give you a hand.

4. Don’t forget about kerb appeal. It’s really important that your home looks fantastic from the street in your marketing photography. For this, you want to make sure that the lawn is mowed and the shrubs are trimmed. Replace the old letterbox if it’s seen better days and pop in some colour with bright annuals either in the garden beds or in pots around the front door.

5. Make sure everything is spotlessly clean. This goes without saying but we’ll mention it anyway. Give your house a deep clean before the photography session, including the outside. Sparkly clean windows are essential and make sure the driveway and patio areas are swept and free from leaves and other debris.

Before the photography session

Before the photographer arrives, take a final walk around your home and make sure that everything is put away and that all the curtains and blinds are open. You want to let as much light in as possible.

If some of your rooms are a little dark, turn on the light or better still, place a nice lamp in the corner of the room and turn it on.

It’s these small touches that will make all the difference to selling your home faster and at a good price.

Need advice on selling your Northern Beaches home?

To find out more about how to style and prepare your home for our professional photographers, please give the JDH team a call.

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