How to create the best outdoor fire pit on the Northern Beaches

Even though it’s winter and a little chilly, there’s no need to spend all your time indoors ‒ especially if you install a warming fire pit in your outdoor entertaining area. Fire pits are all the rage right now and you can find lots of great ideas on Pinterest, YouTube and Houzz.

So, let your imagination run wild and dream of spending chilly evenings rugged up in warm clothing beside your blazing fire pit. You can even share wine and some toasted marshmallows with close friends and family.

Different fire pit styles for different tastes

With all the different styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect fire pit that resonates with your personal style.

For example, there’s the classic fire bowl or cauldron. You can use this as a wood fire pit. However, for the Northern Beaches, why not consider a charcoal-burning or gas-fired model instead? With charcoal, you’ll get far less smoke which is better for the environment. But, you’ll still get that comforting warmth and have the ability to toast marshmallows or wrap some spuds and cobs of corn in foil and cook them in the coals.

Have a look at the cauldron designs available at Unique Fire Pits in Ryde. They even have a range of barbecue grill plates that fit over the pits so you can have both a warming fire and a tasty meal the next time you want to entertain friends.

Gas-fired outdoor fire pit for lower emissions

You don’t have to burn wood to enjoy the warmth and ambience of an outdoor fire pit. In fact, for our air quality, it’s better not to, especially with all the gas-fired options on offer. A gas-fired fire pit gives the appearance of a wood fire without the smoke and mess from burning wood.

Check out the fabulous gas-fired outdoor fire pits at Outdoorium in North Manly. From their amazing range of designs, you’re sure to find just the perfect one that will complement your outdoor space.

Just imagine one of these designs in your beautiful outdoor living space and the many evenings that you’ll spend around it enjoying a drink and some nibbles with your friends.

For even more inspiration, have a look at Abbey Fireplaces in Brookvale. They also have a great range of both wood and gas-fired outdoor fire pits and fireplaces.

Alternatively, take a trip to Bunnings or Barbecues Galore for even more outdoor fire pit ideas.

Create the perfect outdoor space for your fire pit

Once you’ve decided on the style of fire pit that you want, it’s time to create the perfect space for it. Most likely, you’ll already have an outdoor entertaining space and your fire pit can easily be added to this.

You can either place it in the centre or, better still, consider creating a cosy corner by placing it off to one side. Add comfy seating with big, soft cushions and some soft lighting to add to the ambience. You could even add some nice screens to semi-enclose your cosy corner and separate it from the rest of your outdoor space.

Remember too that your fire pit can serve different purposes at various times of the year, so keep that in mind when selecting the perfect design. For example, in the summer, you might just want to use your fire pit as a barbecue. Therefore, you want to select one that you can accessorise with a grill plate for just this purpose.

Or, if you already have a barbecue that you love, in the warmer weather you can get a custom top made for your fire pit and use it as a table. So keep this in mind too when you’re considering where to place your fire pit for winter use.

Make the most of winter on the Northern Beaches

Creating and enjoying a lovely warm and cosy outdoor space in your Northern Beaches home is not difficult when you install a fire pit. This allows you to still enjoy the outdoors with family and friends even when it’s a little chilly.

To find out more about how creating an outdoor space with a cosy fire pit affects the value of your property, please give the JDH team a call.

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