Head to the Hawkesbury: things to do

Whilst COVID Safe guidelines are still in place and people’s interstate movements are subjected to border crossing and isolation or quarantine requirements in each state or territory, it’s good to know that in Sydney, less than an hour away from the Northern Beaches, is the Hawkesbury.

The grand Hawkesbury River is bordered by national parks and full of hidden gems waiting to be rediscovered. So next time your wanderlust strikes, there’s no need to drive or fly far away from the Northern Beaches or Sydney.

Right next door is the great Hawkesbury, and here are some places you shouldn’t miss and things to include in your to-do list:

1. Cottage Point Inn

Once a boathouse, post office and general store for the Hawkesbury River community, Cottage Point Inn has grown into a beloved riverside haunt and home away from home. It also houses one of the finest Hawkesbury River restaurants.

Its riverside location makes it a romantic weekend getaway option for anyone looking to escape from it all. The dreamy landscape is only broken by guests and travellers arriving on boats, seaplanes, water taxis and the Ferry.

While here, make sure you sample their fine dishes featuring the fresh catch of the day or full-course meals, to the accompaniment of select wines from their extensive collection.

2. Cottage Point Kiosk & Boat Hire

Not quite as pricey as the inn, the Cottage Point Kiosk & Boat Hire has been around since 1918 and is easily one of the most ancient cottages along Cottage Point.

This place of quiet relaxation is ideal for eating and drinking whilst contemplating the beauty and artistry of Mother Nature. The kiosk overlooks the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and Cowan River, making for a truly enchanting view.

At the kiosk, make sure you indulge in a filling breakfast or tasty lunch, preferably after spending time fishing or cruising by boat or kayak hire.

3. Riverboat Postman

A ticket to the Riverboat Postman takes you on an iconic three-hour mail delivery Hawkesbury River cruise. Enjoy morning tea or coffee with homemade ANZAC biscuits before your departure.

At midday, you’ll enjoy an Aussie Ploughman’s-style lunch with shaved ham, tasty cheese, tomato, zucchini, and more, plus a glass of wine or beer or a soft drink.

To ensure a comfortable trip, please book your trip in advance.

4. Peats Bite

Not quite as old as its neighbours, Peats Bite opened in the early 1980s and is committed to using only the freshest local produce in their cooking. They have six large newly renovated loft bungalows, an in-ground pool and plenty of furniture and sitting areas in their lawn and garden.

They also have a floating pontoon that boat owners can use overnight.

5. Houseboat hire

If you’re ready for more fun and adventure in one weekend, then nothing can beat a Hawkesbury River houseboat hire for a night or more. Here, you can enjoy your cuppa joe, and spend an old-fashioned laid-back weekend poring over the paper and eating ice cream from the ice cream boat.

Choose from a number of vessel or houseboat hire services, such as the Omega Deluxe Clipper 34, Hawkesbury Afloat and Luxury Afloat.

Step into the Hawkesbury

People’s movements are still limited to their own backyards, forcing everyone to postpone their interstate weekend plans indefinitely. Frankly, however, this is perfectly fine.

There’s a lot to do and see on and by the Hawkesbury, and now’s the ideal time to go for a Hawkesbury River drive.

Explore all that’s beautiful, fun, exciting and conveniently close by.

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