Five reasons to sell your home this winter

When is the best time of year to put your home on the market? Most people think of spring and summer being the optimal times to sell. While it is true that winter is commonly seen as a quieter time in the market, there really is no perfect season – people don’t stop looking for and buying homes just because the temperature drops. There are always people looking to buy a new home, and there are plenty of ways to style your home to make it warm, welcoming and cosy during the cooler months of the year.

Let’s take a look at five reasons to sell your Northern Beaches home this winter.

You need to sell

The top reason for putting your home on the market is obviously needing, or wanting, to sell. You might be travelling, downsizing or simply looking to move out of Sydney – there are always circumstances where homeowners will need or want to sell their home, and winter can provide some good opportunities, particularly as there tend to be fewer homes on the market in the cooler months.

While the market is a little bit softer, a good real estate agent will have potential buyers they can reach out to no matter the season, and will market your property to them. The benefit of a winter sale is that the buyers tend to be serious – the cooler weather tends to keep those just looking out of interest away.

Your home is suited to a winter sale

Curb appeal is a big thing when buying a home, and the first thing potential buyers see when they inspect your property are the gardens. The cooler months can provide a great opportunity for those homes with lush landscaping and autumn colour to really shine.

Some houses also just work better in winter, particularly those with a more cosy feel. Imagine a cold winter day and walking into a home that has a fireplace or combustion stove warming up the rooms. If you have taken steps to reduce winter heating bills, this is a great season for these steps to be highlighted.

Less competition from other sellers

We mentioned that the competition is reduced in winter (most people wait until spring to put their home on the market) and because of that, you may find that you achieve a better overall price for your home. With fewer properties to choose from, buyers are often less likely to negotiate heavily to avoid missing out.

Less stock on the market means less choice, and when demand outstrips supply, you may find you also end up with a quicker sale.

Professional service providers have more time

When the market is busy, so too are the professionals who support buyers and sellers – conveyancers, tradespeople, mortgage brokers, banks, building and pest inspectors and so on. With the market a little bit quieter in the winter months, it can be easier to get appointments and bookings quicker, which can progress the transaction a lot quicker.

Families looking to upgrade are out and about

If you have a family-sized home, putting it on the market in winter is a great idea. September and October have some of the highest numbers of babies being born, which means parents are often looking for a bigger home for their growing family.

It is worth considering highlighting the family friendly aspects of your Northern Beaches homes to market to this sector of buyers.

Thinking of selling? Talk to us

Is winter a bad time to sell your house? At JDH Real Estate we don’t think so – selling in winter has many advantages for homeowners. If you’ve been considering putting your home on the market, get in touch in Darren for a chat about what the market is doing, what buyers are looking for, and how you could style your home to make it really stand out.

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