Fancy a beer? Check out these Northern Beaches microbreweries

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot day. If you’ve got a thirst for craft beers, you’ll find plenty of microbreweries around the Northern Beaches for you to explore and taste some amazing new beers.

Microbrewing history in Australia

While all colonial breweries might be classified as microbreweries, by 1901 the sector had contracted. By the 1980s, beer production was dominated by industrial brewers such as Carlton United Breweries, Tooheys, Tooth & Co, XXXX and others, with breweries such as Cascade in Tasmania or Coopers in South Australia leaning more to the boutique side.

However there was disruption ahead. Chuck Hahn, fresh from the US with a highly developed beer palate, founded Hahn Brewery in 1988. Located in Camperdown, the brewery with its beautiful copper brewing vessel and with German equipment bought from a failed New Zealand brewery, was almost a tourist attraction in its own right. With his passion for brewing craft beers, Chuck was instrumental in creating the real beer culture here in Australia. Hahn, with, it must be said, plenty of publicity, took Sydney by storm and Hahn brew became a firm local favourite. However, in 1993 Chuck sold the Hahn Brewery to Lion Nathan while remaining as the head brewer.  

In the last decade or so, we’ve seen many new microbreweries open around the country to give beer lovers a never-ending choice of premium craft beers to taste and enjoy. 

Introducing our Northern Beaches microbreweries

We look at six microbreweries around the Northern Beaches area. Most of these are in Brookvale but there’s also one in Mona Vale. Here’s a quick rundown on each one.

1. The 4 Pines Brewing Company

You’ll find 4 Pines Truck Bar in Winbourne Road, Brookvale. This microbrewery started over a decade ago on the Northern Beaches and they now have breweries and venues all over Australia. 

4 Pines produces an entire range of different ales and they even have a stout. The Truck Bar is definitely worth a visit. It’s main feature is a 1960s Dodge pickup that has been converted into a bar where you can taste a range of 21 beers, each with its unique style. The other claim to fame for 4 Pines is that it’s the official beer of the Australian Mens’ Cricket Team.

2. 7th Day Brewery

You can visit 7th Day Brewery in the old Post Office in Powells Road, Brookvale. The company brews both lagers and ales. Interestingly, the founders got this business off the ground through community crowdfunding in 2016, which is why they always strive to give back to our local community. The venue is also happy to welcome your dogs.

Their taproom offers a range of craft beers such as the mango-flavoured Hazy HPA and the caramelised and malty Vienna lager. 

3. Dad & Dave’s Brewing

Dad & Dave’s Brewing in Mitchell Road, Brookvale, was founded in 2011 and is an independently owned family business. John (Dad) and his son Dave are qualified brewers while the other members of the family help to run the business. As well as craft beers like Belgian IPA, the associated distillery produces alcoholic sparkling waters.

Their motto is: “We make beer, delicious beer!”

4 Nomad Brewing Co.

Nomad set up their brewery in an abandoned carpet warehouse in Sydenham Road, Brookvale around two years ago. Their transit lounge bar is open from Thursday to Sunday and it’s family- and dog-friendly. Seasoned travellers who accumulated tastes from all over the globe, the team at Nomad specialise in hybrid beers that might incorporate distinctive Aussie flavours from wattle seed or Tasmanian pepper. 

Modus Brewing

Modus had an interesting start. Founders, Jaz and Grant, spent six months travelling around the US in a motorhome to learn all they could about brewing craft beer. Then, in 2014, they returned to Australia to found their own brewery. 

Their original brewery is in Mona Vale, with a second in Merewether opening in 2021. They brew their quality craft beers using only the finest malts and hops without any preservatives. And, their brewery is powered by 100% green energy.

The new kid on the block

Bucketty’s Brewery

Bucketty’s Brewery in Orchard Road, Brookvale only opened in February 2021. You can actually follow their entire story right from the beginning on their blog. It makes for some interesting reading. 

While the craft beers like Aussie Hazy with pineapple notes or the award-winning Bucketty’s IPA are the main attraction, their brewery is a hive of activity with live music, and is both family- and dog-friendly. When you get hungry, you’ll find an in-house food truck where you can get a meal to enjoy with your beer.

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