Creating kerb appeal to sell your Northern Beaches home

One thing we know for sure is kerb appeal can help to seal the deal in home sales. If you’re looking to sell your home anywhere in the Northern Beaches area, you really have to consider the kerb appeal of your house. First impressions count and you want to make your home attractive from the street when people drive by to check it out.

Improving kerb appeal on the Northern Beaches

There are plenty of things you can do to improve the kerb appeal of your home. But before you get started, do yourself a favour and whip out your phone. Take some photos of your home from the street from different angles. You’ll be surprised at what you see in photos that you overlook every day. Once you’ve done that, check out some of our top tips for improving the kerb appeal of your property. 

  1. Pressure washing and painting

Make your home look sparkling clean by pressure washing the outside. This helps to remove any dust and old cobwebs that you might not even notice. It’s a quick fix that packs a punch. If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can hire one, or engage a professional to do it all for you. Don’t forget the windows and the guttering. And check your roof, too.

If the paint on the outside of your home is looking a little worn and peeling in spots, you might consider a repaint. Even just painting the window trims and guttering in a complementary colour will give your house an instant facelift.

  1. Focus on your front door

In addition to cleaning the outside of your home and maybe adding some new paint, consider painting your front door in a bright colour. Take a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo and you’ll be amazed at the difference this makes.

  1. Install a new letterbox with visible numbering

Has your letterbox seen better days? Often, this is something that is overlooked and a shabby letterbox can really detract from an otherwise immaculate front yard. A good letterbox is a low-cost way to add some street appeal and you’ll find plenty of attractive letterboxes in stores like Bunnings. 

Make sure that your street number is visible and easy to read, too. Potential buyers searching for your house need to see the number clearly or they’ll get frustrated and keep driving.\

  1. Clean your driveway and paths

While you’ve got the pressure washer out, don’t forget to clean your driveway and the path leading to the front door. Remember to remove any stains as well.

For even more impact, consider installing some solar lights around the edges of the driveway and paths, and ensure there’s great lighting over your front door. Some people may do a first drive-by in the evening and having your place nicely lit will add to its appeal.

  1. Spruce up your garden

A tidy garden that looks like it’s low maintenance will help your property pop. So you want to make sure that your lawn is always well trimmed and that you prune and trim any overgrown plants to give them a nice shape.

If you have garden beds, add some decorative mulch. Mulch not only helps to cover any weeds but also, makes your garden look neat.

Go for kerb appeal when selling your Northern Beaches home

It’s not difficult to improve the kerb appeal of your Northern Beaches home. Have a chat to us here at JDH and we can give you some other ideas that will really make your house stand out to potential buyers.

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