7 home trends we are loving this winter

This season is seeing a fresh shift in home decor, away from looks that have been popular for a few years now.

Things are changing, and Northern Beaches residents are embracing new styles that break out of old boxes in 2024.

Here are seven key interior decor trends to keep your eye on if you’re updating your home this winter.

Individuality is key

Fast fashion is out in 2024, for your wardrobe and your home.

That means bland, mass-produced art, matchy-matchy furniture, cheap decor, and anything that is as easy to get hold of as it is to replace.

The K-Mart chic trend of a few years ago is fading and now people are looking for unique pieces that display their own individual flair as well as being high quality and more sustainable.

Whether it’s finding second-hand gems, vintage masterpieces or hunting for one-of-a-kind pieces, it’s now about showing off your personal style, not about joining the ranks of the ‘sad beige mums’.

Rustic homewares are also in, pulling away from slick, matching products.

Ditch the grey

Grey has been popular for the last few years but now it’s on its way out.

Coming in instead are warm, earthy tones and bolder jewel tones.

Again, when it comes to home trends this winter, it’s about expressing your individuality. For instance, if neutral, earthy and autumnal tones don’t suit you, bolder tones of ruby, emerald and sapphire are another fashionable option this winter.

This approach broadens your options and helps to avoid cookie-cutter homes.

Separate spaces are back

In another move that is all about individuality, the open-plan living space is falling out of fashion.

The pandemic taught people that having separate spaces could be an advantage in living harmoniously with the family, particularly with a rise in multi-generational living. The trend is now for separate craft rooms, media rooms, sewing rooms and even Peloton rooms (where you use a purpose-made stationary bike to cycle all over the world).

While people still need to retain a space for the family to get together, the idea is to allow for additional, separate spaces where family members can escape and do their own thing.

Velvet is this winter’s fabric

This one is less about individualism and more about embracing a warm and comfortable fabric that is perfect for the cooler months.

Velvet cushions and upholstery lend an air of extravagance and opulence to any room and create a cosy feeling.

Again, go with warm, earthy colours or bold jewel tones, whichever you prefer.

Return of the humble butter dish

The humble butter dish is making a comeback according to interior journalists, or perhaps they never went out. Old-fashioned designs with flower prints can be fun, or rustic dishes designed to be slightly flawed. Otherwise, look on Etsy for a vintage one and bring it out for relaxed weekend breakfasts of hot buttered toast with a pot of tea.


On the other end of the historical spectrum, multi cookers are becoming increasingly popular in Sydney homes.

As a countertop appliance, a multicooker can help you prepare meals in a whole host of different ways and can serve as many appliances in one. While different models will have slightly different functions, they usually do a range of things, from deep frying to sauteing to slow cooking.

Having a multicooker on your kitchen bench can save you a lot of time and effort, everyone is looking for in a household appliance. A prime example is the Philips All-In-One Cooker available at David Jones, but there are many more on the market.

The other trend that is still big is the air fryers. Get one with an inbuilt rotisserie mechanism and you can also do a delicious chicken.


Finally, perhaps the jewel in the crown of expressing your individuality is the incoming trend for maximalism.

Forget less is more. This season, more is more. Bold colours, mixed patterns and plenty of stuff come together to help express who you are. People are no longer afraid to fill their homes with what they love and to choose styles that lean towards the bolder side.

The only caveat is that it can be very easy to cross the line between maximalism and clutter, so, ironically, you need a light touch to do maximalism right. Having some fantastic pictures on the wall and lots of bright throw cushions are two options.

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