5 smart home office trends for 2023

In our post-pandemic landscape, working from home shows no signs of disappearing. Once people realised how much it improves their work/life balance, there was no going back. In the Northern Beaches, peaceful properties with home offices are fast becoming a trend. In this blog, we’ll look at smart ways to set up a long-term home office that’ll appeal to buyers.

Here’s a glimpse at the home office trends you can implement to instantly improve your working-from-home life and increase your appeal to potential buyers.

Smart furnishings

You want to be comfortable from top to toe, so here are our recommendations for smart home office furniture:

  • It’s worth the money to invest in an ergonomic and comfortable office chair because no one wants to deal with the back, neck and shoulder pain that comes from sitting in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours a day. A statement chair with good support that makes an impact is even better.
  • Instead of the statement chair, you can ditch it altogether or alternate between sitting and standing with a standing desk or adjustable desk. There are so many options at Officeworks. It takes some getting used to, but it truly makes a difference.
  • Because your home office will become your haven, have some fun with luxurious touches. This might be a velvet reading chair in the corner that includes comfy cushions and a fluffy blanket. If you have the space, maybe you can add a small couch and a coffee table or side table to enjoy on your breaks.

Smart storage

A cluttered office leads to a cluttered mind, so try implementing one of these smart storage ideas:

  • Add some built-in cabinetry. This post has a wealth of examples, from floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to built-in shelving on a custom-made desk.
  • Buy one of these affordable three-tier trolleys from Kmart so you can “roll away” the visual clutter. Out of sight, out of mind. You could always turn it into a bar cart after hours too!

Choose the right colour

There are four main colour/finishing schemes popular in home offices right now:

  1. All white and bright! With a blank white slate, you can have fun with accessories and decorations (more on that below).
  2. Timber touches. Timber has been the main finish in home offices across Australia for decades. But it’s truly an evergreen home office trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
  3. A deep navy blue feature wall like this Sydney home office. For a small price, it brings a distinctive sophistication to the space.
  4. A wallpaper feature wall behind your desk. Your Zoom calls will never look the same. Steal the Limelight is the largest wallpaper supplier in the Northern Beaches.

Have fun with decorations

We want to keep your desk clutter-free, so here are our décor recommendations:

  • Bookshelves stocked with your favourite books.
  • House plants hanging from the ceiling or sitting pretty in the corner. They not only add colour, but house plants also have health benefits as they help purify the air and remove airborne toxins.
  • Wall artwork.
  • Mirrors make a space look bigger. Plus, when placed near a window, they reflect the natural light, bringing more into your office.

Smart lighting

Good lighting is key in every home office. Natural light is always best if you can position your desk near a window (the fresh air doesn’t hurt either). However, task lighting like a desk or standing lamp is also beneficial.

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