Why an experienced local real estate agent is more important than ever

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Northern Beaches sellers and property investors are re-emerging now that restrictions caused by COVID-19 have begun to ease. 

For those who were all set to buy or sell property, the setback caused by COVID-19 was very frustrating. However, agents are now cautiously optimistic that the market won’t be too dramatically impacted. Realestate.com.au for one, recently predicted that so-called ‘premium suburbs’ “will better weather COVID-19.” 

With suburbs like Frenchs Forest, Allambie Heights, Davidson, Belrose, Beacon Hill being highly sought after, it is now expected that property prices won’t suffer dramatically due to COVID-19. 

For sellers as well as buyers, this is good news. Sellers can expect quality offers, while buyers can feel more confident that their Northern Beaches home purchase or investment will hold its value. 

However, when it comes to property transactions, if you want to make sure you’re making the right decisions, it is essential you have someone with extensive local knowledge on your side. 

Here’s why the help of a local Northern Beaches real estate agent is more important than ever for Northern Beaches home sellers: 


Local real estate agents have their finger on the pulse

Right now, property values can change daily. It is not enough to know what a home on the same street where you are looking to buy sold for earlier in the year. You need to know what homes and apartments were selling for last week. A local Northern Beaches real estate agent can share this information so you know the current value of your property. 

Your local agent also has insights into things like new developments and infrastructure in your area. They know what’s happening around Northern Beaches hospital, for example, and how they may affect property values. Your agent is also clear on things like school catchments and road upgrades, which also come into play when people are choosing a home.

And your agent knows all the local best-kept secrets! This includes the best cafes, parks, walking trails and picnic spots in our amazing suburbs.  


Your Northern Beaches real estate agent knows who is buying and who is selling

Some properties may have been pulled off the market during COVID but that’s not to say the owner doesn’t still want to sell if a good enough offer comes in. 

If you are looking to invest and have pre-approval, your local real estate agent may be able to initiate discussions. This will get you in the door ahead of other interested parties. 

Similarly, if you’re selling, a local real estate agent can put you in touch with buyers who were on the verge of purchasing prior to COVID and are still motivated to go ahead.


They will keep in touch and can manage and investment property

Because your local real estate agent works nearby, they’ll be able to keep in touch with you to let you know what’s going on in the market. This way, as soon as you’re ready to take your next step up the property ladder, your Northern Beaches real estate agent will be ready to share helpful and current advice. 

At JDH Real Estate, we bring the added benefit of managing investment properties we have sold in the area. Being Northern Beaches property managers means we are never far away and can quickly help resolve issues as they arise. 

You can reach out to the team at JDH Real Estate any time with property related questions. We’ll provide up to the minute information which you can leverage to maximise the value of your home or continue your journey as a property investor.



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