What to do if you need to sell your home right now

What a start to the year it has been. In January and February we were gearing up for an exciting and productive 2020, with no idea of what was around the corner.

Come March, things changed rapidly. At JDH Real Estate, we were just as taken aback by the sudden impact on the real estate industry as our clients.

However, we are still absolutely here for you. Should you need to sell a property in Frenchs Forest, Allambie Heights, Davidson, Belrose, Beacon Hill or surrounding suburbs, you can. Take a look at some advice on what to do if you need to sell during the COVID-19 outbreak, and what rules you need to follow. 

Getting an appraisal

As of early April, it is still permissible for real estate agents and property valuers to visit homes in NSW.

If you are comfortable with an agent visiting your property, you can have them do so. They will ask you if you have been ill in the past two weeks or if you have recently returned from overseas before agreeing to come to your home. From there, it’s a matter of keeping a safe distance, avoiding physical contact, not touching surfaces and washing hands before and after the visit.

Real estate agents and property valuers have the technology to provide an accurate estimate without having to touch items in your home. They have no need to come within 1.5 metres of you or to make physical contact.

If you would prefer your agent doesn’t visit in person, you can give them a video tour using FaceTime or another app, and share floor plans so they can still give a virtual appraisal based on the features and size of your home.

Preparing your property

At JDH Real Estate, we recommend your home be cleaned, decluttered and small repairs made before you list it. If you’re in isolation, now is a good time to get to work on this. Here’s a recent blog on what to prioritise if you have time to get stuck in to cleaning your home right now.

Usually, we recommend property styling and a session with a professional photographer. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is important to limit the number of people who come to your home.

Talk to us about a work-around, for example it may be possible to use photos from the last time the property was listed. We can also recommend you optimise the layout of your home using the furniture and decorative items you already have.

Alternatively, we can shoot some video to create a virtual walk-through of your property ourselves. This strategy is very popular right now and can actually be very useful to attract buyers from near and far.

Property inspections during COVID-19

Open homes with crowds of people are a definite no-no due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. However, it is still possible to offer private inspections, and to do so within current social distancing guidelines.

Your real estate agent will liaise with buyers who are very serious about making a purchase so you don’t have to repeatedly be interrupted by individuals inspecting your property.

Selling your home during COVID-19

With experienced people on your side, the prospect of an auction is still possible. In person auctions have also been cancelled but online and phone auctions can go ahead.

Auctioneers have been taking bids using digital and phone technology for years so it is not a drastic change for them.

However, given the current circumstances, you may decide to skip the auction and go with a private treaty sale. Talk to your agent about whether this strategy makes sense given the current conditions.

Don’t panic

If you find yourself with a desperate need to sell right now, don’t panic. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

For one thing, interest rates are incredibly low. For buyers who still have their jobs, now is an excellent time to secure a loan and a property. Many who have been frustrated over missing out last year will seize the chance to make a purchase.

In terms of the value of your home, there is a chance you won’t get the same amount today as you would have six months ago. However, your real estate agent won’t advise you to sell at an unrealistic price. What’s more, if you are also looking to purchase a property, you’ll be able to take advantage of low interest rates and the power to negotiate yourself.

Over the past couple of weeks, JDH Real Estate has successfully facilitated the sale of several properties in the Northern Beaches and in The Forest. At this stage, we remain open and incredibly motivated to help you sell your home if you need to do so. Contact us for more information.


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