What renters want on the Northern Beaches

If you have a home in the Northern Beaches you intend to put up for rent, or have a vacant rental property you’re planning to upgrade, congratulations! You’re already in one of the most desirable regions in Sydney.

And when you’re on the lookout for great tenants, you need to have your finger on the pulse and know exactly what’s attractive to renters in the Northern Beaches.

1. Proximity to the beach or bush

While some people move for work, most renters move because of the lifestyle their new neighbourhood offers. People with kids typically move to family-friendly communities like Allambie Heights in the suburbs, offering a wholesome lifestyle and a more natural environment.

Some tenants enjoy the buzz of the beach, so they look for houses or even granny flats for rent in the Northern Beaches. Others prefer the quieter hillside bushland and look for a home closer to the land and trees.

2. Clean, well-maintained properties

Even if you have an absolutely stunning waterfront property for rent on the Northern Beaches, no one will want it if it is dark, dank, musty or dirty. To attract tenants, it’s absolutely crucial for your property to be clean and well-maintained, with no mould or flaking paint.

To keep your property looking tenant-ready, we recommend repainting and checking floor coverings between tenants. Also, get in a handyman to fix any broken or damaged items, replace tap washers and ensure that windows and cupboards open and close easily. Check if you need pest control in case there are vermin or any sort of infestation.

3. Secure and safe homes

No one wants to live in a place where criminality is rampant and the likelihood of getting burgled is high.

Even if your property is in a safe neighbourhood, show your concern for your tenants’ safety by installing secure locks, providing well-lit entry points, parking spaces, pathways and so on.

4. Amenities

Renters appreciate the inclusion of appliances like a washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and so on as they won’t need to worry about spending on big-ticket appliances.

Proximity to community amenities like fitness centres, shopping and medical facilities, plus a ready NBN connection, parking space and other provisions add to the appeal of private rentals in the Northern Beaches.

5. Ample storage

Everyone, even minimalists, need ample storage. When renters find adequate space for their belongings, you’re making their lives a whole lot easier by removing the need to purchase wardrobes and other storage units.

6. Quality education nearby

If your target tenants for your two- or three-bedroom house for rent in the Northern Beaches are small families, the presence of schools nearby is a prime consideration. Having quality education providers in the neighbourhood is incredibly convenient for working parents who would prefer to have their kids enrolled somewhere close by.

7. Good communication with the owner

This refers to communications with the property management team as well as the landlord. Good communication along with regular inspections can help foster relationships with tenants and keep them happy. Tenants know that if they have an issue, your property manager will deal with it quickly. And content tenants can mean fewer to zero vacancies so your property spends less time on the market, thereby optimising your investment.

By keeping these tips in mind, it’ll be easier to attract a greater number of tenants to your property. And when you have more people interested, you’ll have a greater chance of finding great tenants who’ll care for your property as if it were their own.

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