How JDH is supporting tenants and landlords during COVID-19


During the COVID-19 outbreak, JDH Real Estate is open. We are a small team with 35 yrs of combined experience with the latest property software, which we are using to make these times as easy as possible. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been able to rapidly adjust to our new working conditions so we can support our many property management clients and their tenants.

More than ever, we want people to have peace of mind and feel completely supported by our team. Here’s what we are doing when it comes to tenants and rental properties.


Touching base

Firstly, we want to know everyone is well. We’ve been in touch with our tenants to see if they have recently been overseas or if they are in self-isolation. If you are a tenant and haven’t heard from us, please reach out to to share an update.

We want to know if you’re at risk of being unwell, firstly as a safety measure but also to see if there is anything we can do to help while you are stuck at home. 


Inspections for rental properties during COVID-19

As property managers, we are still obliged to carry out inspections of rental properties  on behalf of property owners. 

However, with safety as a priority, we have restructured the way we carry out inspections. Now, the process is ‘tenant assisted’, and tenants will be asked to take photos and send them via email if they have concerns about the condition of the property. 

We are also starting to carry out virtual walkthroughs, asking tenants to take us on a tour with the help of WhatsApp and Facetime. Should we have to visit a property, we are asking tenants to disinfect handles and surfaces before vacating the house or apartment for as short a time as possible. 

When we do carry out inspections, we will do so with the utmost care. This includes wearing gloves, face masks and using hand sanitiser. 

If you have an inspection coming up, we’ll be in touch to share specific details. As ever, we want you to feel comfortable so please don’t hesitate to raise any concerns.  


Property maintenance and repairs during COVID-19

Tenancy laws require us to respond to requests for property maintenance and repairs and we fully intend to respect this despite the unusual current circumstances. 

JDH Real Estate will still book tradesmen, however we ask that tenants notify us if they or any of their family are unwell or in isolation. We have also asked our tradesmen to not carry out repairs should they or any of their team be unwell. 

If you have a request for repair which is not urgent, we may chat with you about delaying the service, however this is on a case-by-case basis. 


Rental payments, arrears and evictions

The issue of rental payments for people who are suddenly experiencing financial hardship is not 100% black and white. 

At JDH Real Estate, we are keeping up to date with current news, making communication a priority and handling every request with the needs and circumstances of the individuals involved in mind. 

As a landlord, if you do lose rental income, you may be able to defer your mortgage payments for a few months. As a tenant, if you have lost your job, you may be able to seek government assistance via The most important thing to do if you are worried about being able to pay your rent is contact us to see how we can support you. 

In terms of the moratorium on evictions, things are changing rapidly. Again, if you need to talk about this, it’s best you get in touch with us. 


A final note

We are in the real estate business partly because we love property but mostly because we love people. Our driving mission is to help our clients, no matter what. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service for tenants and landlords during this time. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this situation and stress that your health, wellbeing and safety are so important to us. We encourage open communication at all times so should you have any concerns or questions, please let us know.



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