Five quick ways to improve the value of your home


To the north of Sydney, Frenchs Forest, the Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs have some of the most sought-after property in the country.

Even though it is a popular area for buyers, there is plenty of competition between sellers. To make sure your home stands out from the rest, there are a few simple techniques to improve its value and appeal. Many of these can be achieved without a huge cash investment.

Take a look at five ways to improve the value of your home in Frenchs Forest or surrounding areas.  


Street appeal 

It will be very hard to sell your home for top dollar if you can’t get people through the door to start with. 

Some time spent on the garden and frontage of your house can make all the difference. Make sure the front fence is neat and presentable. Groom the garden, cut back any unnecessary or overgrown plants and make sure any lawn is well mowed. 

A pressure clean of the front of your house may also make a huge difference and is much easier and cheaper than repainting. Street appeal is the first thing potential buyers will look at so it is a vital start to improving the perceived value of your home, and getting a good price.


Kitchen upgrades

You can never underestimate the importance of the kitchen when selling your French’s Forest area home. Kitchens are a key feature that buyers look for and there are a few quick fixes to make your kitchen pop.

New doors on the cupboards and a fresh coat of paint can make an older kitchen look modern. If you have a little more money available in your budget, a new stovetop and/or oven will be an excellent selling point, as will a fresh splashback. Talk to your agent and ask what they recommend.

Shiny new fixtures like taps can also add a touch of contemporary class without stretching the budget.


Bathroom revamps

The other room that will sell your home is the bathroom. 

Buyers will overlook flaws in bedrooms and lounge rooms if they know that there is a pleasant and serviceable bathroom. 

Again, fresh fixtures and a coat of paint can be invaluable in upgrading your bathroom. Simple tricks like grout pens can even make a big difference. This way you can remove any stains on your grout without a huge and expensive cleaning job. 

Clients will appreciate a bathroom that appears fresh and clean with no hint of mould. It means they can move into the home and enjoy life without having to undertake a massive cleaning or renovation job.


Property styling

You can take your home from cluttered and undesirable to fresh and chic with styling. 

To get started, remove as many of your knick-knacks and personal belongings as you can. Hang neutral and non-offensive art and decorate minimally with a few vases, plants and throw cushions. 

Your aim with styling is to make your property as neutral as possible so potential buyers see a blank slate that they can imprint their personality on. If your home is too heavily imprinted with your family’s personality, it can be hard for potential buyers to imagine living there.

Professional property stylers are well worth the investment. For a cost of around $2000-$4000, they can add several thousand or more to the value of your home.


Know your demographic

Your property will instantly become more valuable if it appeals to your target buyer more than any other home in the neighbourhood. 

This is where your agent is your best friend. They will know more than anyone about the people who are likely to want to buy your home.

For example, Frenchs Forest, surrounding suburbs and the Northern Beaches tend to attract young families. If a room can be reconfigured to be a rumpus room or a parents’ retreat, it will be viewed very favourably in the eyes of potential buyers.

When you’re preparing to sell your property, spend some time with your agent and listen to their advice. They will share insider information about what buyers are looking for and which easy wins will improve the value of your home.



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