How landlords can approach COVID challenges

Wednesday 30 Sep 2020

2020 has posed many challenges for all of us, but for owners of private rentals in the Northern Beaches, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought particular concerns. So, what is happening to Northern Beaches and Sydney property to rent? And, if you are a landlord, what can you do to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and protect your investment?   How is the rentals market being affected by COVID? Research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that in March this year, the median rental ....

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Northern Beaches Art Prize brings mental health benefits

Wednesday 16 Sep 2020

The Northern Beaches Art Prize has moved online this year due to COVID-19, but the exhibition is as vibrant as ever, showcasing the very best of local artistic talent.  In these times, more people are turning to the benefits of art for their mental health. For many of this year’s young entrants, art has been a vital means of coping with the pandemic. We’ve taken a look at the exhibition and taken an interest in particular in the talented young entrants and what art means to the ....

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Allambie Heights homes in hot demand, with prices rising

Wednesday 02 Sep 2020

If you’re a homeowner in Allambie Heights and you’re thinking of listing your property for sale, there has never been a better time to put your home on the market. Allambie Heights house prices are rising due to the immense demand for family homes located on the northern beaches. Let's take a look at the booming market for real estate in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and what makes Allambie Heights such a special place for homeowners.   Buyers are desperate for real estate i ....

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How dog friendly is the Northern Beaches?

Wednesday 19 Aug 2020

A place becomes a home when we share it with family – and this includes our furry family members. Our dogs have become more important to us than ever during these times of COVID-19, and we want to show them all the care and appreciation we can. So, how dog friendly are our Northern Beaches neighbourhoods?   Why our dogs mean so much to us Dogs have kept us going during the pandemic. Sometimes they’ve made us laugh, like Elsie the golden retriever from the Gold Coast. She found ....

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Legislation for landlords: five key updates

Wednesday 05 Aug 2020

Following the update to residential tenancy laws that came into effect in March 2020, landlords must make some critical changes to ensure they stay compliant with the new legislation and protect tenants. Here are five of them:   1. Mandatory break fees for fixed-term agreements Before the changes, tenants were subject to a six-week break fee if they decided to end the tenancy early. Under the new laws, this break fee changes to four weeks or less. This means the tenant must pay the landlor ....

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Does a view add value to a Northern Beaches property?

Wednesday 22 Jul 2020

Let’s say you have a beachfront property or a house on a hill in the Northern Beaches area. Have you ever asked yourself: Will my house go up in value? How much is an ocean view worth? How much value does a lake view add? Well, you have every reason to ask these questions because, in matters of real estate, a special view always counts. So, if you have a home with a view or partial view of the beach, ocean, lake, national park, or any sort of unique, pleasant private outlook, protect it a ....

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Why kitchens are the heart of Northern Beaches homes

Wednesday 08 Jul 2020

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much time you spend in the kitchen? How many conversations take place there? How many home-cooked meals you have prepared? Once upon a time, the kitchen didn’t have a life, it didn’t have a soul. It was strictly utilitarian. And while the kitchen was originally meant for preparing and cooking meals, it has morphed into the epicentre of a house. The modern-day kitchen, in fact, wears many hats. This is the room where you get energised for t ....

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Cycle tracks on the Northern Beaches

Wednesday 24 Jun 2020

Cycling really had its moment in early 2020, when going for a pedal became one of the only acceptable ways to get out of the house during the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Luckily for us, the Northern Beaches have some of Sydney’s best cycle tracks and paths. There are options for on-road cycling, mountain biking and flat trail riding for children. Take a look at the best cycle tracks on the Northern Beaches and in nearby areas.    Easy Trails on the Northern Beaches ....

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Why an experienced local real estate agent is more important than ever

Wednesday 10 Jun 2020

Northern Beaches sellers and property investors are re-emerging now that restrictions caused by COVID-19 have begun to ease.  For those who were all set to buy or sell property, the setback caused by COVID-19 was very frustrating. However, agents are now cautiously optimistic that the market won’t be too dramatically impacted. for one, recently predicted that so-called ‘premium suburbs’ “will better weather COVID-19.”  With suburbs like ....

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How to be the winning bidder

Wednesday 27 May 2020

In areas like Frenchs Forest, Davidson and Beacon Hill, house prices are holding strong in spite of COVID-19. If you want to move into this area, you may find you have missed out on your dream home, your backup house and your plan C.  It can feel so frustrating to constantly visit open homes but never be the buyer. However, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can come out on top, especially right now when a lot of buyers are holding back. Take a look at some helpful advice from your loca ....

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