Guide to Renting

When considering leasing your family home or investment property, there is nothing more important than getting the right advice from your agent to ensure you are not at risk of causing injury or damage to the tenants, neighbours or public.


At JDH Real Estate, we not only carry out regular inspections that include health and safety checks but can guide new landlords through what would be required to bring the property in line with legislation.


Standard landlord responsibilities include:

_Maintaining the structure and exterior of the house

_Ensuring all ‘installations’ are working, such as gas, electricity, and heating

_Installation and appliance maintenance and safety.

_Treat potentially health-threatening issues such as rising damp

_Anything else that are stipulated in the tenancy agreement

In recent years the legislation has become more in-depth with further legislations eg:

_Smoke alarm safety

_Pool and spa safety Compliance

_Blind cords

_Windows in a strata building

_Water safety measures

_Tenancy checklists

_New bond legislation


There are several other factors that can put landlords at risk. Whilst some are not highlighted in direct legislation, as it is a requirement to provide a safe and secure property, there are further things to consider such as:


_Glass that is not safety 1 meter from the ground

_Low handrails of less than 900mm

_Loose or low balustrading

_Climbable balconies

_Dead locks that are required key only


We realise that the above can be daunting, but that’s why you employ a quality agency to help guide you through the process. We are here to help.