Review of the Month

“It has been an absolute revelation and pleasure to work with Kristy Audsley and JDH Real Estate. It is rare to find someone who is across all aspects of her role as a professional and who is also a delight to deal with face to face, on the phone, or through email. I have utmost confidence in JDH and in Kristy as the dedicated leasing agent for my property.” Michelle owner of 3 Borgnis Street, Davidson



Your feedback means everything to us!

Property Management can be an extremely challenging job, so there is nothing more rewarding to us knowing we have delivered an excellent result and our clients are over the moon with our service.

If you have had a good experience with us we would love to hear from you either by way of email, Google Review or on our JDH Facebook page.


It is not the time to poorly present your property…..

As we follow the sales market into the downtime it has become extremely important for landlords to ensure they choose the right agent to market their property to get the best results. We are amazed we are still seeing agents out there presenting properties with dark, non-professional photos with rushed text that just doesn’t justify the home’s space or surroundings. 

Our Property Managers, Kristy Audsley and Julia Leach have an average days on eight days even as we approach Winter. We feel this is because they spend the time that other agents don’t including: property styling, professional copy, facebook blogging, Rpdata and REA market pricing analysis, super quick response to enquiries and applications etc.

Many agents are not spending the time researching the best listing price and you can see those that have overinflated their price and not judged the number of competing properties are costing their landlords an enormous amount in rent with high vacancy. 

We are very proud of our brand and marketing and we believe it is speaking to quality tenants and part of the reason we are achieving faster results and better tenant selection than our competition. 


Tax time is approaching……

To ensure you maximise your return at tax time we recommend speaking to your accountant with regards to including a Tax Depreciation Schedule. This schedule must be done by a Quantative Surveyor such as BMT tax surveyors. 

Although the report is around $800 this can be used and updated for all future tax returns and most surveyors guarantee that they will exceed this amount back in your tax return. The tax surveyors are legally allowed to claim for far more items than any tax accountant they understand the maxmium amount of depreciation for you.

Our Senior Property Manager Kristy Audsley personally used BMT tax surveyors for her investment and her accountant was able to relodge the past two years tax with the report and gain another $1200 per year on each tax return. 

JDH Real Estate does not gain anything from recommending surveyors such as BMT, we have just seen firsthand just how much a landlord can increase their return. 


Are you protected by landlord insurance?

We met with Terri Sheer this morning to go over why they are one of the top Landlord Insurance companies and also some of their changes to their policies. We note that their policies are due to increase by $10 per year for properties under $1000 per week in June. 

They advised us that some of the banks and the larger insurance companies are just not focused on landlords and most of them do not cover:

_Loss of rent (Terri Sheer provide up to 20 weeks should the tenant abandon the property)

_Tenant damage (several companies just have malicious damage only which is a rare circumstance, landlords need to be protected if the tenant accidentally causes damage no maliciously)

_Combined claims (most of their compeition have an excess per item and if it doesnt reach the excess then its not worth the claim. Terri Sheer allow you to combine all of the items (say loss of rent, damage, cleaning etc) and then just pay one excess between $100 – $500 depending on the claim

They provided us with a report that just under half our landlords are registered with Terri Sheer, so we would like to reiterate that if you don’t have landlord insurance it is a good idea to phone a Landlord focused insurance” company that focuses on landlords such as Terri Sheer or Realty Protect to discuss how they can help. 

To give you an example of costing – for properties under $1000 per week it is just a annual fee of $389 with Terri Sheer. 


Kind Regards,
JDH Real Estate